Pokemon Magnets and Slow Spyro Progress

I’ve made a few more pokemon magnets and sent them to my boyfriend.

I’ve also been making a tiny bit of progress on Spyro… I’ll definitely get back to work on it soon. Being my first big project, I don’t want to overwhelm myself with it.

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Perler Beads

I’ve started doing perler beads and these are my first worth sharing.

I really like the way perler beads look on my wall, so maybe I’ll keep making them.

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Companion cube

Just a small project I did for myself. I love the way it looks and how small it is.

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Current WIP

I am beyond excited for this project. My boyfriend and I started playing the old Spyro games about a month ago and I knew I just had to stitch him. This is the biggest project I’ve done so far but I’m actually really proud of how it’s coming along. Here are some WIP pictures.

My goal is to be done by the end of September. So we’ll see!

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Becca’s Salon

I made this for my friend when she graduated from cosmetology school.

It was the second project I did, right after the bookmark.

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Hello World

So I guess I’ve decided to start blogging about my stitching. It seems to be the next step nowadays.

I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Renae, I’m 19 years old, and I live in the suburbs of Chicago. I am currently going to school and studying Spanish and I plan on becoming a high school teacher. Blah Blah Blah. I started stitching just a few short months ago in May. I was using the website StumbleUpon and I stumbled upon another website called spritestitch.com, and basically, I fell in love. If you are a video game fan and a stitcher then spritestitch.com is a must. And the first project I ever made was from a project I saw on the site. A Mario/Pokemon bookmark that I made for my boyfriend.

For my first project ever, I would say it’s not so shabby. I obviously didn’t work out spacing very well because the border on the top practically touches the Boo, whereas, there’s an inch of white on the bottom. But he loved it and of course being a guy, he doesn’t notice that kind of detail :P.

I’ve made a few things since, including magnets and some things I framed for other people. Currently, I am working on my first really ambitious project. But I think I’ll share that one in a later post!

For now, here are some of the projects that I’ve finished.

Here is a set of Mario magnets I made. The red mushroom I gave to my boyfriend and the other 3 I have on the whiteboard in my room along with a cheesy drawing I added for effect :).

This was another pattern I found on the spritestitch.com forums. I tweaked it a bit and framed it for my boyfriend.

More magnets for my boyfriend. (Sheesh, he gets a lot of stuff, doesn’t he?!) He’s a huge Pokemon fan so I made him the original starters. More to come soon. If you’re interested in Pokemon and the TCG, check him out at jwittz.com.

I’ve made a few more things that I don’t currently have pictures of. And I’m working on a pretty big project for myself. So I’ll make sure to post those in the future.


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